Man proposes during movie previews -

Man proposes during movie previews

SAN ANTONIO -- Moviegoers at the Alamo Drafthouse were treated to an unforgettable sneak peak on Friday night. Well, unforgettable for at least two love birds.

Self-portrayed "Casanova" and aspiring filmmaker Charles Hutchinson hid in the projection room as his girlfriend and her family watched previews before the Warm Bodies showing.

They thought he was just running late. Then they were treated to a short film called Charles Casanova.

The film portrays Hutchinson as a desperate Casanova who is willing to do anything for his newfound love. There's even a fight scene and some gunplay.

Casanova is finally shot down to the catch line, "You have my blessing" and the screen goes dark.

"The fate of the world comes down to one small question..." appears on the screen.

Hutchinson, er Casanova, appears in the theater on bent knee. To the roar of the crowd, his lover says yes.


Hutchinson was quick to post the trailer complete with proposal footage to YouTube and send the link to San Antonio news outlets. The YouTube video is modestly titled "Charles Casanova Worlds Greatest Proposal."

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