Georgia clerk spanks 8-year-old kid 25 times with a belt -

Georgia clerk spanks 8-year-old kid 25 times with a belt

WRIGHTSVILLE, Ga. ( –A Georgia sales clerk has been charged withassault after allegedly beating an 8 year old customer 25 times with a belt.

Logan Ivey said a Dollar General clerk, Emilia Bell, walked down the aisle where he was standing and started calling the boy a demon.

“So, I said, ‘I’ll show you bad,’ and I picked up a cookie and I threw it at her,” said Logan.

After the confrontation, Logan Ivey said he tried to hide behind the counter. He said the clerk found him and doled out the whooping.

 “And I was crying real bad because she had actually hurt me,” said Logan, “When I had actually got up from when she stopped whipping me my pants were actually a little bit warm.”

Logan said the clerk hit his back with a belt.

"I felt like I had five needles sticking in me, then it really hurt. I was screaming, ‘Momma.’"

Wrightsville Police Chief Paul Sterling said the surveillance footage shows he was hit 25 times which is why they charged the clerk with aggravated assault Monday night.

"It wasn't a spanking, it was more or less a beating than a spanking the way she was hitting him, you know?” said Chief Sterling, “I don't know how to explain it. It just - I don't even like to think about it."

While the video of what happened inside the dollar general hasn't been released, Logan's family said it would provide more answers.

"I just wish everybody could see the video because everybody makes comments about what it should be and what they should have done as far as the parent and all that,” said Logan’s father, “but if they seen the video it would be a lot different, you know, because it shows how many times she really hit him and how bad it was."

Logan's father describes his son as a typical boy.

"I mean he likes to play. You have to get onto him just like any other kid, but he didn't deserve to be beat with no belt like that by nobody else."

The child said he has regrets for Monday night, but not for mouthing off or throwing the cookie. He said he regrets being spanked two days before his birthday.

The clerk, Bell, did not want to comment.




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