St. Louis woman calls Colombo for help after hanging tree threatens her home -

St. Louis woman calls Colombo for help after hanging tree threatens her home

ST. LOUIS ( – A woman in south St. Louis is looking for a resolution to a problem with her neighbor.

Crystal Mueller says a massive tree fell from her neighbor’s yard in late December and crashed through the roof of the home next door.

Like the proverbial Sword of Damocles, the huge tree now dangles over Mueller’s home.

“It makes me paranoid when I hear noises,” She said. “I think, ‘ok, is that branches or did my house just collapse?’”

Mueller’s friends did trim some of the limbs over her roof, but she says it’s not enough.

“I’d like to see the owner of the tree remove the tree, to me that’s the only resolve,” she said.

The house next door to Mueller has been vacant for several years. The owner lives in Jefferson County.

The tree was growing in the middle of the property line between the vacant home, and a third home. The owner of the third home lives in West Virginia.

After emails, voice mails and calls to insurance companies, Mueller called City Hall.  

“The property owner is responsible for that tree on private property which is a hazard,” said Forestry Commissioner Greg Hayes.

While it is the owner’s responsibility the city does have options.

It sent letters to the owners of the vacant and rental properties, telling them to remove the tree in 30-days or the city would do it and send them the bill.   

News 4 called the owner of the vacant home. An hour after speaking with us, he called a tree service to get a bid on removing the tree. He hopes to have the job done this week.

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