Customers out thousands after paying All Seasons and getting not -

Customers out thousands after paying All Seasons and getting nothing

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( -- Another thousands of dollars for nothing rip-off orchestrated by a local company.

Their customers are fuming mad after putting down huge deposits for nothing.

All Seasons Contracting says they’re not taking any new clients, but when we called them for a bid they were happy to oblige.

A guy named Joe showed up at one of our producer’s homes after we called All Seasons to come out for a bid. Before News 4’s Chris Nagus started asking questions, Joe admitted on camera that he was the Production Manager for All Seasons.

That is the same company that now has an ‘F” rating and a warning from the Better Business Bureau.News 4 spoke with four customers, who had problems with All Seasons, All of them put down huge deposits for work - and got absolutely nothing.  David Honea of St. Louis wrote a check for more than $2,600 and he has been “waiting 8 months for these people and nothing absolutely nothing.”

Mary Deboe of St. Louis paid them more than $5,700 and wants “the public to know what this company is doing.”

Willy Banks of Vinita Park is out $3,200 and calls it a “rip-off”

And Aulderay Fields of Blackjack paid All seasons more than $7,300 9 months ago and they have not been back since.

When News 4 called All Seasons for a bid, they sent Joe Stephens.

He said All Seasons is not taking any new work because of a back log of business, but any new jobs will get done by his new company.

3 of the four people News 4 talked to say they dealt with Joe Stephens in his role as Production Manager for All Seasons.

But when Chris Nagus asked him about his connection to All Seasons, Joe claimed he was not affiliated.

He claimed that when News 4 called All Seasons to come out “they said they couldn’t get to it and would I be interested, I said sure.”

But when Chris Nagus asked about his role with All Seasons, Joe said “No Comment.”

After Joe left, News 4 called All Seasons, they told us “this situation has nothing to do with Channel 4 and if customers have a problem, they can call them directly.”

Bottom Line: Be careful about putting large sums of money down upfront. If you do have to pay for materials, make sure and only pay once they are delivered to your home and you get a receipt. Also if a company is working with subcontractors make sure and get a lien waiver.


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