Crews tearing down overpasses on I-64 -

Crews tearing down overpasses on I-64

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ST. LOUIS ( – MODOT shut down a portion of Highway 40/Interstate 64 on Saturday to tear down two overpasses.

MODOT will keep the stretch between Hampton Avenue and Forest Park Parkway closed until 3 a.m. on Monday so it can clean up from the mess of tearing down both Taylor Avenue and Newstead Avenue bridges.

People nearby have been coming outside to watch the crews work.

“This was our plan today, to come out and see what they are doing, just like little boys," said Harold Hutson.

MODOT is working with the hospital group B.J.C. and Washington University on this project. Their plan is to build a new interchange between Tower Grove  Avenue and Boyle Avenue and to replace four overpasses over the interstate.

“I think its something that we need, we’ve actually driven our bikes on these bridges and found potholes,” said nearby resident Rand Sommer. “I don't think you have to tear a hole bridge down for potholes, but they are aging bridges.”

Another driver says he he thinks the project is good for the city, even if it is inconvenient for him.

“I take highway 40 to get to the office so my commute would be held up, but I think its good for the city to improve the infrastructure,” Alexander Green said.

In order to meet the Monday morning deadline, crews are working 12-hour shifts instead the regular 10-hour shift.

Even after this stretch of highway re-opens, drivers can still expect lane closures until the entire project is finished.



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