Referees steal the show in Detroit -

Referees steal the show in Detroit

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By Scott Bierman By Scott Bierman

(HockeyStL) -- There isn’t much you can do to stop a 5-on-3 power play that was generated by a couple of weak penalties.

The Red Wings took advantage of the opportunity for an early lead shortly after David Backes was hauled off for a roughing penalty.  The penalty gave the Red Wings a two-man advantage and the Blues a headache.

Shortly before the call, Kevin Shattenkirk was whistled for a slashing penalty in the neutral zone.  It appeared to be no worse than the uncalled hack on Vladimir Tarasenko to start the game -- inconsistency at its finest.

Backes would be whistled for a penalty after Johan Franzen was chipping at Jaroslav Halak as he smothered the puck.  Franzen proceeded to crosscheck Barret Jackman prior to being taken down by Backes.

The Red Wings would score a short time later for a 1-0 lead.  It also marked the first goal scored in the first period this season for Detroit.  The Red Wings would add another goal in the opening frame, but the Blues battled back with goals from Shattenkirk and Matt D’Agostini.

This isn’t about being a “homer,” but the penalties were called with poor judgment.  It’s the new NHL.

It seems that most of the penalties called around the league this season have been on the lesser side of being minor infractions.  The NHL hasn’t quite become the No Hit League yet, but it’s starting to head that way.

Speaking of “head” about that hit to the head penalty on Backes in the third period?!  It was a joke.  Backes was kicked out of the game and the Red Wings were given a five-minute power play for the infraction.  They would take the lead on a goal scored during the man-advantage.  Score two for the referees.

For the record, the penalty should have only been an interference (at most) considering Backes did not touch Kent Huskins’ head at any point of the hit.

The officials in the game (Chris Lee, Ian Walsh, Derek Amell, Mark Shewchyk) should do everyone who had to witness that atrocity a favor: donate your game paycheck to a charity.

All teams have to deal with bad calls.  The NHL should take a good look at the brutal collection gathered on Friday night in Detroit.

It’s time for the NHL to let the boys play a little more.

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