Masked men terrorize family, tase 4-year-old girl -

Masked men terrorize family, tase 4-year-old girl

HARRIS COUNTY – Four masked men who terrorized a Harris County, Texas family for several hours Thursday are on the run.

The ordeal started in Baytown where the suspects kidnapped a 50-year-old horse trainer. They drove to the victim’s house on Waldine where things went from bad to worse.

One of the suspects tased the man’s 4-year-old granddaughter.

They tied up the man, his wife and their 23-year-old son with duct tape while they ransacked the house for three hours.

"They go inside the house. They looking for money and they don’t have any money," said Felipe Montalvo, a family friend.

At one point, the suspects stabbed the son in the ear with a knife.

"They threatened to cut his nose off with scissors if the daddy didn't tell them where the money was," said HCSO Sgt. Mario Alvarado.

When the masked men couldn’t find what they were looking for, they forced the horse trainer back into their truck and drove away.

"They took off and parked somewhere off of I-10 where the daddy... was able to escape," said  Alvarado. "He runs into an auto parts store and calls a family member to come and get him."

The victims were bruised and shaken up, but otherwise OK.

Harris County deputies are still looking for the suspects. They were last seen in a maroon 2004 F350 dually truck.

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