Caught on camera: Robbers terrorize cell phone store employees -

Caught on camera: Robbers terrorize cell phone store employees

HOUSTON -- A couple of armed robbers were caught on camera terrorizing people at a cell phone store in northeast Houston.

It’s a trend that has happened a lot recently, but this incident was more aggressive and violent than most.

The Boost Mobile store located in the 7500 block of N. Wayside opened for business at 9 a.m. on Wednesday like usual, but 30 minutes later, it became clear it was not going to be a normal business day.

“Four guys came into the store with masks and a gun told us all to get on the ground face down,” said a store employee.

Several customers were also shoved over the counter.

A clerk who doesn't want to be identified remembers the frightening details

“They said, ‘don't move, we'll shoot,’ so i didn't move at all.”

Multiple security cameras captured what happened.

The masked robbers stuffed cell phones and other goods into three trash bags.

“They were looking for cash and a safe, but we don't have a safe,” said the employee.

Then, three new customers, one using a wheelchair, entered the store. One crook hurdled the display case, waving a gun, forcing them all to the back.

Police sirens caught their attention, and the crooks took off running with only one back to a waiting truck.

There was a security camera outside. It showed a customer running after the gunmen and throwing something at them.

The customer took off after the getaway vehicle as it maneuvered in the parking lot and hung onto the side.

“He was holding onto the truck all the way till the truck turned over there onto the street and he rolled off ‘cause they punched him two times,” said the employee.

In all a terrifying six minutes with one prayer answered.

“Just to get us out alive,” the employee said.”

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