Cake Balls -

Cake Balls

Any Cake Mix
Chocolate or Vanilla Frosting
1/2 package of cream cheese
Lollipop sticks
Candy Melts


Follow instructions to create the cake from the cake mix.  Bake the cake and
let it cool completely.

Transfer the ready cake from the cooled pan to a large bowl. Add frosting
and cream cheese little by little, while processing the cake with your hands
until the consistency becomes easy to mold and shape.  Make sure that the
cake mix does not become too moist; otherwise it will be difficult to create
the shapes.

Roll the cakes into balls, easter eggs, or whatever shapes you like.  Place
them in the refrigerator to cool for one to two hours.

After the shapes are firm and ready to be dipped, melt the Candy Melts
according to package instructions.  Take a lollipop stick and move the cake
around in the melted candy. Make sure that the entire cake is covered in the
candy.  Take a clean lollipop stick and pierce the cake, take it out of the
melted candy, and let the candy "set" (dry) sitting up in a glass.  You can
also place the lollipop stick in the cake prior to dipping, but your stick
may get candy on it if you are not careful.

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