Former Chief Sues Ladue -

Former Chief Sues Ladue

The details of the story are elsewhere on KMOV.COM.  What I am writing about here, is the rapidity with which the story went nationwide.  It isn't a school shooting or a plane crash, but a lawsuit filed by a former employee alleging he was improperly fired.

The attorney for Ladue called the suit groundless and the work of a bitter employee trying to get back at his former employer.

What hit the news, is that former Police Chief Larry White also alleges Ladue racially profiled, and that Mayor Irene Holmes made statements that sound racist as they are presented in the lawsuit.  Within hours, it was on websites of tv stations, newspapers, bloggers, and court websites.  The court will determine if the allegations have merit, but in the meantime, there are a lot of opinions being formed in the public. 

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