Coffin left on Congressman Russ Carnahan's lawn -

Coffin left on Congressman Russ Carnahan's lawn

Sara Howard, a spokesperson for Congress Russ Carnahan, confirmed tonight that a coffin was left on the front lawn of the Carnahan's home residence in the St. Louis area.

Coffins don't usually turn up on front lawns, so this could be called creepy.  Howard called it "disturbing", since it was an obvious protest to the recently passed Health Care Reform Act, and Carnahan's yes vote.  A number of democratic members of Congress it seems have received threats and other strange messages, but this is certainly out of the ordinary.

There doesn't seem to be any mystery here.  Howard says there was a Tea Party protest in front the congressman's office earlier in the day on Wednesday and a coffin was there.  So it's assumed that the protest moved to Carnahan's house and the coffin stayed.

I'm told the police were not involved, since it doesn't appear there was any direct threat and the coffin was empty.   However, one can only imagine what may be implied by leaving a coffin on a front lawn.  We all know that emotions have been running high over the health care reform debate, but this has to make you wonder where this debate is going.

A Carnahan spokesperson will be on Awake with News 4 Thursday morning at 6:30 a.m. to discuss the coffin incident.



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