Dems. receive threats after supporting health care bill -

Dems. receive threats after supporting health care bill

(CBSNews) -- Sen. John McCain is one of the many Republicans taking the Senate floor to blast the new health care law.

They're introducing amendment after amendment to the companion bill, and are blocking committee meetings to slow down Senate business.

But some Americans are taking their anger too far by threatening lawmakers.

The FBI is investigating after more than 10 Democrats who voted for health care reform received threats. Four Democratic offices across the country were vandalized, including the headquarters of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson.

Police are also investigating a severed gas line at the home of Congressman Tom Periello's brother. His address was incorrectly posted online by activists as owned by the lawmaker.

Democrats are uniformly speaking out about their security concerns. Police briefed members of Congress on how to handle the threats. Some Democrats say Republicans should be doing more to condemn the attacks.

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