BackStoppers to assist police widow -

BackStoppers to assist police widow

(KMOV) -- The fire and police support organization, BackStoppers, plans to give Officer Haynes' wife a $5,000 check on Thursday to help her with any immediate expenses she might have in light of her husband's untimely death.


Officer David Haynes was killed during a crash while pursuing a burglary suspect on Wednesday.

The executive director of BackStoppers said the check is just the beginning, and that the organization plans to support Mrs. Haynes during her time of need. "We'll get back to her in two or three weeks and go over her needs, specifically financial [and emotional] needs, and help her out in both areas where possible," said Ron Battelle. "The widow here is going to need help, and we want to provide that help...We're not here for a week or two, or a month. We're here long term and [for] a lifetime, if necessary."

To donate to BackStoppers, visit or call 314-692-0200.

BackStoppers is an organization dedicated to providing financial aid to the spouses and children of all local and county police officers, firefighters, publicly-funded paramedics and EMTs and volunteer fire protection units, who have lost their lives performing their duty.


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