Man in suspicious RV accused of molesting young boy in Alton -

Man in suspicious RV accused of molesting young boy in Alton

(KMOV) -- A man who drove through Alton in an RV has been accused of molesting a 12-year-old boy near a church.


Police said the assault happened inside the RV on Sunday at the intersection of Sanford and Sering Avenues. Officers said the boy told his mother what happened and she then called police.

Officers later arrested 41-year-old Blake Joseph Young.

A man who lives across the street from the lot said he saw the RV there Sunday, and had never seen it before in the area.

"Everybody in this neighborhood is pretty tight-knit, and we're always looking out for each other," said Alton resident Roosevelt Robinson. "I've never seen an RV or anything sitting over though me off a little bit," he said.

Robinson said his kids and other kids from the neighborhood play in the lot where the RV was parked on Sunday. "We aren't used to anything going on in this neighborhood, so we let things go by sometimes, but I guess you have to watch out for everything," he said.

Alton police said there could be more victims. Anyone with more information should call 618-463-3505.


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