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Rams infatuation with "Spags Guys" continues

Since the opening of free-agency earlier this month the St. Louis Rams have brought in the following players as new team members: A.J. Feeley, Fred Robbins, Hank Fraley, Kevin Dockery and Darcy Johnson.

What does every one of those people have in common?  All five of them have direct links to either Steve Spagnuolo or offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur during their coaching days in Philadelphia or with the New York Giants.

Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen, but what is most troubling to me is that the Rams appear to have a mental block against signing anyone that they aren't comfortable with from past experiences.

I brought this subject up last season when I thought the Rams were falling into what I like to call "My Guy" Syndrome.  The thought is that Spags/Shurmur and Devaney are so in love with their own guys that they overrate those players against other possible free agent pickups.

We witnessed some of it last season with the signing and keeping of wide receiver Tim Carter, who clearly had nothing left and we continue to witness a lot of the "My Guy" stuff again this offseason.

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