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Missouri lawmakers to fight health care bill

(KMOV) -- As Democratic leaders celebrate health care reform, opponents in Missouri and across the country are working on ways to fight the changes. When President Barack Obama signed the bill into law, attorneys general from 13 states sued to block the law.

Missouri's Republican Lieutenant Governor, Peter Kinder, plans to join the lawsuit as the state's official senior advocate. Other lawmakers in Missouri are also moving quickly to block part of the health care reform.

State senate Republicans want to push through an amendment that would be on the November ballot and aims to exclude individuals and businesses from the mandates and penalties in the health care act.

"We want health insurance, but we don't want the government to tell us the determination of how that product is going to look - that's our decision," said State Senator Jane Cunningham.

The Chesterfield Republican is spearheading the charge to stop the health care reform act dead in its tracks in Missouri. Already cleared in the House, senators want the resolution that excludes Missouri from being forced to comply.

Supporters like Cunningham, insist her constituents want to part of the act. But Democrats, like State Senator Robin Wright Jones of St. Louis say that's not what she's hearing, and this could end up hurting more than helping.

"We have 500,000 Missourians who are uninsured, and all those people would be pushed back God knows how far," she said.

The debate over this resolution begins Wednesday.


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