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Speed Cameras

      It's not secret to anyone who drives the areas highways and interstates that there are many drivers who exceed the speed limit.  MODOT officials along with the St Louis County Police even acknowledge that during the course of a day it's not unusual for traffic to move slightly above the speed limit.  And that's perhaps why many are not happy with Chalalck's decision to install a speed camera along I-170.

       They're worried that other cities will follow suit, lining up cameras along the interstates with an endless threat of a ticket for passing or just keeping up with traffic.  There's also no doubt that it could also create a financial windfall for any city collecting the fines as well as the camera company that gets a cut of every ticket.

      St Louis County's Police chief is asking the state to step in and not allow them until it can be figured out where is the best place to put them.  Cameras they say don't have discretion.  They can't tell if someone is speeding recklessly or trying, for instance to get to an energency room.  The County Police believe that only areas where there are problems, such as accidents, make the best places for the cameras.  Anyone who knows Charlack, already knows about their strict speed enforcement with real police officers, and won't test their luck. 

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