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Police fighting to block speed cameras

(KMOV) -- Police are fighting to block speed cameras on the highway after recent talks about plans to add a speed camera to a short stretch of Interstate 170 in Charlack.

St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch sent out letters on Monday to the Missouri Department of Transportation and to Missouri lawmakers asking for a moratorium on speed cameras. He said he fears small municipalities might put them up just to get extra money.

"I don't think individual communities should be just allowed to throw up speed cameras in their city," he said.

Imagine a trip down I-170 if every city had a speed camera. Passing through Bel-Ridge, St. John, Charlack, Overland, Olivette, University City, Ladue and Clayton might be a trip that could rack up $800 in fines.

News 4 went out along I-170 with a radar gun, typically used by police, to see just how fast cars move. For the most part, drivers maintained speeds close to the 60 mph limit.


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