Bad night ahead for Illinois school districts -

Bad night ahead for Illinois school districts

At least four school boards in our area are meeting tonight and neither Edwardsville Dist 7, Jerseyville, Dupo or Bethalto board members are looking forward to the task.

All face significant shortfalls because the state is not paying them the hundreds of thousands (and in some cases more than a million) dollars.  And prospects for the next school year are even more bleak as some school systems are bracing for a loss of two to six-million dollars. 

So these school systems are expected to announce cuts in staff tonight and they will take no pleasure in doing so.  These are good teachers, good staffers, good administrators that will be losing their jobs. 

I talked to the president of Edwardsville's Dist. 7 school board, Greg Roosevelt this morning.  He told me they're looking at cutting 25 teachers while laying off or reassigning seven administrators and letting some other staff members go as well... About 35 to 40 positions we're talking about.

It's a troubling step that you have to take and the board has agonized over it and the administration (has too), but we feel it's neccessary," Roosevelt told me.

Roosevelt says district leaders knew this day was coming and they've been planning for it since last December.  He says they've arranged the proposed cuts to have minimal impact on students.


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