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Speed Camera to Target Northbound Lanes of I-170

The City of Charlack announced it will install a speed camera to catch speeders in the northbound lanes of I-170.  The camera will be aimed at a quarter of a mile stretch of the interstate - in Charlack's city limits (just south of St. Charles Rock Road).

Police Chief Tony Umbertino says the camera will be put in place (on private property) the week of March 29th. 

For the first two weeks, police will mail warnings.  By mid-April, citations will be mailed out to the registered owner of any vehicle photographed speeding.

Much like red camera or parking tickets, these citations will not take points off of a driver's driving record.  Each citation will cost around $100.  Fines are assessed at a flat rate.  Someone ticketed for traveling 80 miles per hour will receive the same fine as someone driving 75 mph.

Chief Umbertino says the campaign is not a money grab by the city. He says that warning signs will be placed ahead of the photo-enforcement zone to warn drivers.  Chief Umbertino added that the city will only ticket those speeding "excessively."  When asked what that meant, he said that he considered 10 miles over the speed limit excessive.  The speed limit on I-170 is 60 miles per hour.

Currently, Charlack says that money from traffic citations is the 3rd largest source of revenue for the city.  Chief Umbertino said that amounts to about 29% of the budget. 

Earlier this month, we told you more cities were considering speed cameras.   Richmond Heights heard a presentation from a locally-based company: www.kmov.com/community/blogs/reporters-blog/Speed-Cameras--85918867.html

The same company operates a speed camera for St. Ann.  It is set up in a school zone:  www.kmov.com/community/blogs/reporters-blog/City-Extendings-Warning-Period-for-Speeders-Caught-on-Camera-83601987.html

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