Education Pain in Roxana -

Education Pain in Roxana

     $468,000.  That's what the Roxana School District is waiting for from the state of Illinois.  They've been waiting too long so now they're cutting staff and teachers.  14 teachers and another 14 staff positions and an assistant principal were let go because no one knows when the funding will come back.  They're also cutting back on hours for bus drivers.

      And really, Roxana is among the fortunate districts in Illinois that has money in reserve to offset even deeper cuts.  But the situation seems so bleak in Illinois, officials worry about having to make more cuts later in the year. 

      It's a situation that is playing out all across Illinois as school districts look to next year and wonder where the money will come from.  And it makes some wonder how bad it will get until officials begin to view it as a crisis in education.





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