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Local representatives on health care reform

(KMOV) -- White House and democratic leaders are leaning on house Democrats to support health care reform. House leaders are also pushing to get the bill passed quickly, using a procedure called "deem and pass." This would allow lawmakers to vote on changes to the bill without voting on the overall bill.

A spokesman from Congessman Lacy Clay's (D - MO) office said on Wednesday that Clay prefers an up and down vote on the Senate health care reform bill, but such a decision is up to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Another representative from Russ Carnahan (D - MO) said that Republicans are using the deem and pass procedure to mire down the health care debate, and that any yes vote is a yes vote.

Calls to Congressman Jerry Costello's office were not returned. The Democrat has gone on the record as being against the bill.


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