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Police tracking complaints on unlicensed officers

Earlier this month, we told you about a St. Louis County Police effort to track down unlicensed cops - working in police departments in the county:  www.kmov.com/news/local/85958162.html

So far, St. Louis County Police says it is looking into ten individual officers, working at three different departments.  County Police say it is too early in the investigation to name the officers or the departments.

St. Louis County has asked those with information about an unlicensed officer to call the Police Intelligence Unit at 314-615-4692.

In Missouri, officers are certified through the Peace Officer Standards and Training program: www.dps.mo.gov/post/main/index.htm

Officers who work without the proper licensing face misdemeanor criminal charges and so could anyone who knowingly hires an officer without the right certification:  www.moga.mo.gov/statutes/C500-599/5900000195.HTM

Others are also calling for more accountability among entire police departments and are asking the legislature to set standards that would put a whole department on the hook for employing an unlicensed officer.

This could have far reaching implications on smaller municipal departments - if they are someday required to pursue certification status (which is voluntary right now).  Costs vary among agencies and depend on the size of a police department that would be inspected.

Missouri Police Chiefs Charitable Foundation info:  www.mopca.com/mpccf/certification/cert-guide.pdf

The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies:  www.calea.org/

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