Belleville school district cuts 43 jobs -

Belleville school district cuts 43 jobs


(KMOV)-- The Belleville school board voted to layoff 43 staff members at the end of the year.

The assistant superintendent of finance told News 4 the state owes the district $1.5 million and things are only getting worse. Next year the school could lose up to $3 million in state funds.

The school is letting go a little more than 10% of their 400 member staff, which is 13 teachers, 25 teacher assistants and 5 part-time workers.

The assistant superintendent told News 4 these are all good people who they hate to let go. They also hate it for the students.

Despite fewer teachers and resources school systems in Illinois like Belleville have to find a way to still meet the federal no child left behind standards.

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