Family not pointing fingers in motorcycle accident -

Family not pointing fingers in motorcycle accident

(KMOV) -- David Null jumped on his motorcycle and headed to work Tuesday morning. When Null's wife couldn't reach him, she became worried and took off tracing his route, fearing the worst, said David Kozeny, David Null's father-in-law.

Becki Null found herself at the crash scene, and soon discovered her husband was dead. She is pregnant with the couple's second child, a baby boy. Their 17-month-old son, Austin, is too young to understand his father isn't coming home tonight.

"The sad thing is he will never remember his dad," said Kozeny. "I don't know how to deal with that, and his son, who's coming in June, will never see his dad."

David Kozeny isn't pointing fingers. He said his family is praying for the driver who ran into his son-in-law. Kozeny's message to other drivers: be careful out there. He said his son-in-law never expected to lose his life on a cold Tuesday morning on the way to work.


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