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Crimes of the day.

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There's a lot crime that we don't report because it's fairly routine and would be a little boring to report on television. But sometimes, some of those less important crimes will really catch your attention. Here are some of the more interesting crimes, taken from one day's crime reports from local police departments.

  • In Chesterfield, a thief broke a car window and stole two items. A purse and a bible. Police don't keep statistics on bible theft, but it has to be a pretty rare crime, wouldn't you think?
  • Arnold Police investigated a report of damage to property. A criminal was using a baseball bat to try to hit a home run with someone's mailbox. But when the homeowner ran out to stop him, the criminal took off in his car and ended up tearing up the neighbors yard in the process. Oops!
  • The Florissant Police Department was called out to investigate a car theft. Someone's 2004 Chevrolet Malibu was stolen. How did the crook take the car? The owner left the keys in it with the engine running. When will they ever learn?
  • Also in Chesterfield, a man reported to police that he may have been sexually assaulted by his roommate. The key word in this report is "may." Hmmm.
  • And in Belleville, police and medical personnel were called to a home where a woman accidentally cut herself with a knife after trying to stab a beer can. That may not have been the first beer can she handled that night.

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