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Opinion: Rams should sign Terrell Owens

I am about to write a sentence that I never thought I would write.  The St. Louis Rams should sign Terrell Owens.

Before you call me crazy, and think that the Rams would be stupid to even consider something like this, let me explain why I think this is something that can actually work and would be beneficial to the team in 2010 and beyond.

Before we get too far down the road on why I think he will work let me state that I hate everything that Owens represents.

He is a loud mouth, me first wide receiver that is a quarterback killer.  There is no question that Owens has been a locker room cancer at times in San Francisco, Philadelphia and Dallas.  Despite all of the obvious indiscretions I think that Owens could be a fit here in St. Louis at this point in time.

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