Suspect charged after car theft ends in crash -

Suspect charged after car theft ends in crash

(KMOV) -- A suspect is charged after trying to steal a car in Hazelwood.

Authorities said a 21-year-old Dawite Derjew was charged with stealing a motor vehicle, resisting arrest by flight, and property damage in the first degree.

Authorities said Derjew alledgedly stole a 2006 Lexus from the Mungenast dealership located in the 8900 block of Dunn Road. Police spotted the Derjew's car at a red light nearby and boxed Derjew in. Another officer pulled up to help and Derjew rammed the vehicles and took off. The officers jumped back into their cars and start to head up the road but Derjew was not in sight.

Derjew was then involved in a five vehicle accident near I-270 and Lindbergh. Derjew was ejected from the Lexus. He is hospitalized in critical condition. Some others involved in the accident sustained non-life threatening injuries.

Derjew has a bond $10,000. Prior to this incident he had two outstanding warrents from other municipalities.




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