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K2 seekers flock elsewhere for substance

(KMOV) -- While St. Charles might be the first local municipality to ban K2, an artificial, marijuana-like substance, it's still relatively easy to find.

More than 100 customers from St. Charles piled into the Smoke N Stuff store in St. Ann on Tuesday looking for K2.

Ryan Dixon of Smoke N Stuff said that K2 is big business for the store, and he's hired an additional full-time employee because of increased sales. Customers are stocking up, he said, especially when news of the St. Charles County ban hit.

"This economic boom that has happened because of K2 is going to go away," said Dixon.

Dixon said that lawmakers already allow plenty of unhealthy substances, including cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine. If K2 is outlawed and customers want it, they will find a way to get it, said Dixon. The big loser will be the government, because drug dealers don't pay taxes, he said.

"All that happens when this gets criminalized is that somebody is going to figure out how to produce it, then there's going to be a black market for it...," Dixon said.

K2 costs about $30 for three grams. Dixon said there were lines in his store for parts of the day, and as long as K2 is legal, he plans to abide by the law and sell it.


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