Illinois mayors upset with Governor Quinn -

Illinois mayors upset with Governor Quinn

Several mayors in Illinois aren’t too happy with Governor Pat Quinn. The mayors fear the governor will elect to cut funding to cities in order to help the state make up the budget shortfall.

As of today, most believe that the state has a $13 billion dollar shortfall. In recent weeks, Governor Quinn suggested that he would deal with the funding gap by cutting $2 billion in spending, not paying some bills and borrowing money.

Mayors like Gary Graham of O’Fallon can’t believe the state is in such poor shape, and are upset with the governor and state legislature. Graham is worried that rumored cuts to city funding will come true.

For years now, cities in Illinois have received 10 percent of the state’s income tax revenue, and several people close to the governor have suggested that number might drop to seven percent. While a three percent cut is huge no matter the city size, it is even more upsetting to Graham and others because the state is already months behind in income tax payments. So, far his city is due 5 months of payments totaling one million dollars. That money is normally used to pay for city services like police, fire, lights and water.


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