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Go Green: Earth-friendly home cleaning

(KMOV) -- Finding cleaning products for the home that are environmentally friendly can be a challenge, but it is possible. Locally-owned and operated Green Angel Cleaning uses green products and methods that are safe for your family and the planet.  


After testing various all-natural green cleaning agents, the owner of Green Angel Cleaning chose to support another locally-owned company that produces the Better Life product line.

"[The products] are biodegradable; they don't have harsh dyes or harsh chemicals in them," said Stacey Savens of Green Angel Cleaning.

Not only does Green Angel Cleaning use green products, but its cleaning methods are earth friendly as well. The company does not use any paper products, opting for microfiber wash cloths instead.

Also, all the plastic Better Life bottles are refilled instead of dumped.

Green Angel even offers recycling assistance. "I have some clients who are in an area where they don't offer recycling, so we'll actually take the recycling with us," said Savens.

But "being green" doesn't stop there. They even strive to make their driving have less of an impact on the environment. "We do eco-friendly routing," said Savens. "So for instance we clean approximately 150 homes a month, and we only fill our gas tank up twice in a month."


To learn more about Green Angel Cleaning, visit www.greenangelcleaning.com.


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