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Missouri AG says new evidence possible in St. Louis murder case

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- The Missouri attorney general's office said Monday it may have found new evidence in a 1991 double homicide that put a man on death row.

Reginald Clemons was sentenced to death for the 1991 killings of two sisters who were pushed off a St. Louis bridge. Clemons has maintained his innocence, and the conviction is being reviewed by a judge serving as a special master.

The attorney general's office sent a letter Monday saying the state has discovered lab reports and physical evidence, including a rape kit, taken during an exam on one victim's remains.

The letter to the special master, Jackson County Circuit Judge Michael Manners, said it's unclear if Clemons' lawyer had the evidence at trial. It requests a hearing to determine how to test the evidence and share results.

According to the letter, Nels Moss, the St. Louis lawyer who prosecuted Clemons nearly two decades ago, told two assistant attorneys general in a March 2 deposition that he had been told recently that a rape kit from the case was at the St. Louis Police Department. Moss told them he had no prior knowledge of the rape kit, suggesting it was never disclosed in the state's case against Clemons.

The attorney general's office then contacted the St. Louis Circuit Attorney's office, which identified three laboratory reports and biological samples in cold storage at the crime lab.

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