President Obama to visit St. Charles on Wednesday -

President Obama to visit St. Charles on Wednesday

(KMOV) -- The buzz about the president's visit is already making its way around town. President Obama will be in St. Charles on Wednesday speaking to approximately 400 guests at St. Charles High School, and for a fundraiser for Sen. Claire McCaskill later that evening.

"It's a once in a lifetime event; we're having a good time," said Superintendent Randal Charles.

Overseeing White House staff and the Secret Service isn't the way Charles normally spends his Mondays, but he's happy to do it.

On Monday, most of the crews spent the day unloading huge trucks full of supplies. Others worked on finding the power needed to support the event and the loads of media expected to attend.

St. Charles residents are also anxious to hear what the president might have to say about health care reform.

"I have strong feelings both ways about [health care and] obviously I believe everybody [that] needs health care, deserves health care," said St. Charles resident Carolyn Tichnor. "But on the other side of it, there is going to be a lot of negative impact if his plans go through."

Kevin Riner sees things a little differently.

"I think they ought to give him a chance to let it push through," he said.


News 4 will cover the president's visit from start to finish on Wednesday. Check for live streaming.



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