Vaccine shortages prompt H1N1 flu clinics to cancel -

Vaccine shortages prompt H1N1 flu clinics to cancel

St. Louis (KMOV) - Another area school district has to cancel an H1N1 flu clinic because the vaccines didn't arrive.

Atleast five school districts have had to cancel scheduled H1N1 flu clinics because of a shortage. The Kirkwood School District has also had to cancel its flu clinic because the district continues to wait for a shipment from the St. Louis County Health Department. Unfortunately, the health department is waiting for shipments as well.

The Centers for Disease Control and the federal government anticipated getting 136,000 doses of vaccine by mid-October, but because of shortages, the county has only received 43,200 doses.

So far, St. Louis Co. Health Department has been able to only get vaccines to 11 of 23 school districts in the county.

The delay comes from the manufacturers of the vaccine, who cannot produce the doses fast enough for the country. Each state gets their share, then divides the shipments amongst individual counties.

The St. Louis County Health Department is set receive only 10,000 doses in the next two weeks.

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