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Police search for suspects in St. Charles carjacking

St. Louis (KMOV) - Police are looking into a carjacking incident at Culpeppers restaurant in St. Charles.

A mysterious red car pulled up alongside a couple in another car leaving Culpeppers at around 11 pm Monday night.

The driver in the red car started making small talk with the couple while another man approached the couple's driver side and displayed a handgun. The suspect demanded the keys and told the couple to run.

As they ran, the victims say they heard one shot fired behind them.

It's not clear if the bullet was intended for the couple or just a warning shot.

The assailants, three of them, split up and fled with the red car and the stolen black 2007 Nissan Sentra with the Missouri license plate CB2 U70.

Police say there's been no sign of the black Sentra, but they are looking for the public's help.

Anyone with any information is urged to call the St. Charles Police Department.

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