North St. Louis development moves to next step -

North St. Louis development moves to next step

St. Louis (KMOV) - A sub-committee of the St. Louis Board of Alderman agrees, it's time for a huge change in north St. Louis.

Developer Paul Mckee says Thursday's hearing was a big hurdle to pass.

The $8 billion plan now goes before the full board.

Both supporters and opponents said they'll be watching him closely.

Mckee also addressed his critics about how he was acquiring property.

"The only land that is available to grow in the city of St. Louis in a big way is on the northside, so five and a half years ago I started buying property on the northside," said Mckee.

The board of education supports the plan. They currently receive $3 million a year from property taxes in the area. In 15 years, they stand to receive $80 million a year.

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