The Rush Limbaugh circus and the Rams -

The Rush Limbaugh circus and the Rams

The cauldron that has been on a simmer for the past few months has finally started to begin to boil over. There had been rumors about the possibility of Rush Limbaugh being interested in purchasing some of the St. Louis Rams and it finally exploded when it came to light that Limbaugh had joined the Dave Checketts group to help purchase the franchise. As expected it has sent the Rams sale from well out of the limelight of most anyone involved in the NFL into being the most talked about topic in the early stages of this week. The whole thing has reaching the point of being laughable.

When I first brought up the subject of Rush Limbaugh becoming an owner in June on I knew that there would be some who would be very adamant that he should or should not be the owner but I never expected the response I received with that article. The e-mail's and comments, pro and con, were very polarizing. When that happened in June I knew that if this ever got halfway serious this would be something that would take over the NFL/Talk Radio debate. It is now happening.

to read the full story from the St. Louis Rams Examiner.

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