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Rams closer to being sold to Checketts/Limbaugh group?

The old saying that where there is smoke there is fire seems to be true in the sale of the St. Louis Rams. It appears that the sale has gone from the kicking of the tires stage to an actual negotiation stage between the current Rams ownership group and multiple interested parties. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch this morning St. Louis Blues owner Dave Checketts and uber radio show personality Rush Limbaugh are joining forces in a group to purchase the Rams.

The joining of forces between Checketts and Limbaugh is interesting. As I stated in an article in June I don't believe that Limbaugh buying the Rams would be a bad thing no matter which end of the political spectrum you might land. Limbaugh clearly has a love for football and is an excellent businessman. Those two attributes would make him an excellent owner in many ways. How the other NFL owners would view having such a controversial figure in their "club" might be a different matter.

to read the full story from the St. Louis Rams Examiner.

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