Collinsville schools closed Friday due to bus vandalism -

Collinsville schools closed Friday due to bus vandalism

(KMOV)-- Schools in Collinsville, Ilinois were closed Friday because of vandalized school buses.

Superintendent Dennis Craft tells News Four maintenance workers discovered the damage around 5 a.m.

The valve stems on 40 of the 47 big buses were damaged.  The vandalism left the fleet with flat front tires.

The district runs 72 routes and the remaining buses could not handle the number of students in need of transportation.

Friday was the last day of school before the district’s winter break.  High school students were scheduled to take finals today.  Now they'll have to wait until January 3rd.  Elementary-aged students also missed out on holiday parties that were planned.

All drivers lost another day’s wages on top of the other two snow days.

The buses are parked on a lot with no fence so anyone can just walk up to the buses after hours and damage them.  Superintendent Craft says he'll be working with the bus company, First Student out of Ohio, to see about installing a fence next year to keep people out.

Craft says vandals have struck before but never to this extent.

The Collinsville Police Department has yet to identify any suspect or suspects.  If anyone has any information regarding this incident, please contact Collinsville Police Department Detective Sergeant Eric Zaber at 618-344-2131, extension 5133, or via his email,

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