Researchers pay families to get new, stronger flu vaccine -

Researchers pay families to get new, stronger flu vaccine

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(KMOV) – St. Louis researchers are working on a new vaccine to protect your family from the flu. The vaccine is reportedly stronger than what’s on the market now.

The vaccine is free, and Radiant Research will pay up to $375 per child that gets vaccinated.

Researchers say it’s safe, and that it’s no more dangerous than the seasonal vaccine.

“Some kids get a sore arm for a day or so; they may run a low-grade fever, which actually shows that they're having an immune response - and that's a good thing,” says Mary Aubuchon of Radiant Research.

So what makes this one different?

A regular flu shot guards you against three strains of Influenza. This new vaccine protects against four.

“The idea is that you then get better coverage... and then hopefully we won't have as many flu outbreaks,” says Aubuchon.

Radiant Research needs to enroll nearly 800 kids for a successful study. Researchers are looking for more children between the ages of six months and three years.

“It helps get them a vaccine that maybe they don't have insurance for, or they do have insurance and their doctor's out of it -- we're getting a lot of that,” says Aubuchon.

The goal is to put the new vaccine on the market next year.

To enroll your child in the trial, call 314-692-2100. Learn more at



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