Ice causes big problems on area highways -

Ice causes big problems on area highways

(KMOV) -  It is a slow and sometimes dangerous commute for motorists heading to the south and west of St. Louis.  Serious icing issues, accidents and jams have been reported on interstates 70, 44 and 55.

There are numerous accidents across the region due to icy conditions.

If you take a look at the live traffic map on the KMOV app you can see that I-44 is slow going or jammed from 270 to Cuba, Missouri.

On I-55, the problems keep growing with a jam that extends all the way south past Festus.

Westbound on I-70 the jam extends nearly all the way to Columbia.

The sheriff's department in Franklin County is urging residents to stay inside and off the roads because conditions are so bad.

KMOV Facebook users are telling us about numerous accidents on both sides of the river.

Use this app for live weather and traffic informaton targeted to where you are right now.  If you are able to snap a photo of an accident or road conditions, use the "Submit News" button to get the photo or video to and News 4.



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