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Teen shot in head after argument at basketball game, clings to life

A teenager shot after leaving a high school basketball game is on life support. 

Police now have a description of the car seen speeding away from the crime.


Friends of the family tell News 4 Tyrice Spencer has no brain activity.  In fact, the 19-year-old is in such bad shape that police officials originally said he had died.  He's another victim of gun violence, when those who know him believe he was trying to walk away.


"This is making the public schools look even worse than what it is," Alexius Nunley, Jr., student at Clyde C. Miller Career Academy, said.


Nunley was on the basketball court while shots were sounding outside of his high school Monday night.  A group of teens inside the game had gotten into a verbal altercation and were kicked out just minutes before.


"I knew something was going to go down after seeing that," Nunley said.


Family friends say Tyrice Spencer was part of the group.  They say the Parkway West grad was trying to leave when he was shot in the head while sitting in his car. 


Students do not think the gun ever made it into the school.


"They do a pretty good job checking, so I'm guessing he came outside, had it in the car," Nunley says.


Danielle Scruggs just hoped to make it home from the game in one piece.


"It's a shame because people should be able to go places and not encounter danger -- especially kids -- high school students out doing something positive, playing basketball, having fun," Scruggs said.


But instead, there is now fear of retaliation.


"That's all it is -- you killed somebody I know, now I'm going to kill somebody you know." Scruggs said.  "It's just a never-ending cycle."


Police are now looking for a white car -- possibly a Chevrolet Monte Carlo -- with tinted windows that sped away after the shooting.  No arrests have been made.


"I try to stay away from all of that because I've got something to do in life," Nunley said of all of the violence.  "I've got something for myself."



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