New numbers show population ups and downs in the area -

New numbers show population ups and downs in the area

The numbers from the 2010 census won't be out till after the first of the year, but the U.S. Census Bureau just released population and demographic estimates compiled from 2005 through 2009. A comparison between the 2000 census numbers and 2009 estimates show some interesting changes.

St. Louis city's population grew by 6,889 to 355,078 in 2009. The median family income rose from $32,585 to $41,349. The percentage of African-Americans living in the city dropped by 3% to 48.2%, while the white population increased by 2.8% and the Hispanic population rose by .9%. Also, the average travel time to work dropped slightly.

According to the Census Bureau, St. Louis County's population dropped below the 1 million mark from 2000-2009, falling by 21,392 to a total of 994,923. The percentage of white residents fell by 3.4% to 73.4%, while the African-American population increased by 2.3% to 21.3% and there are more Asians than Hispanics living in St. Louis County. Also, family income rose by more than $11,000 to $73,447.

St. Clair County, IL saw a population increase of 5,186 to a total of 261,268. The median family income increased by $11, 747. The racial makeup of the county was virtually unchanged. The estimated population of Madison County in 2009 was 266,886, which is an increase of 7945. In 2000, whites comprised 90.2% of the county's population, but dropped to 88.8 in 2009. The percentage of African-American residents grew from 7.3-8.1% and family income jumped by $12,000 to $62,895.

Here are some interesting tidbits from around the nation. The county with the lowest median home value was Reeves County, Texas, at $29,400. The highest, Nantucket, Mass., at about $1 million. The highest average travel time to work is found in Richmond County, New York, which is Staten Island. There are 10 counties and/or cities that have less than one in ten households that were married couple families with children; they include Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland. In Starr County, Texas 95.9 percent of the households speak Spanish at home. Owsley County, Kentucky has the lowest median family income at $18,869, while Fairfax and Loudoun counties in Virginia have the highest at more than $100,000. And 9 counties have a foreign-born population greater than one-third, including Los Angeles County in California, King & Queens Counties in New York and Miami-Dade County in Florida. By contrast, 26 counties in Missouri have populations that were less than 1 percent foreign-born.



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