Lindbergh High marching band almost ready for Rose Parade -

Lindbergh High marching band almost ready for Rose Parade

208 high school kids are about to have the experience of their lives.  Granted, they're teenagers so there hasn't been that much life to compare this to.  But I imagine decades from now they'll still consider marching in the Rose Parade on New Year's Day 2011, this event will make their top ten list... if not top five.

Wow.  What an honor to be chosen but they have certainly earned it.  I saw them practice in nearly 100-degree temperatures in July when they set off on their six-month training for a moment that's fast approaching.

The kids I talked to at practice inside the gym today feel good but say they still have a little work to do before being entirely ready to take the stage... the stage being a nearly 6-mile route.  They'll be playing for approximately two hours and unlike the actual Rose Bowl game, there are no time outs for the band.

They've been getting in tune, in step and in shape. 

If you want to check them out before the Rose parade (and are going to the Rams game this Sunday) you can see them perform during halftime at the Edward Jones Dome.

You can also check out my story on the band at 6pm tonight on News Four.  My colleague with the camera, Steve Harris, was running around all over the place getting the best shots and sound.  He thought he was about to pass out afterwards.  Glad he didn't.

We both agreed it's nice to be able to do stories like this once in a while.  There really is a lot of good going on out there.  This is just one example.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at



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