Community says, 'put down the pistol; holster your anger' -

Community says, 'put down the pistol; holster your anger'

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – Stopping the gun violence in the St. Louis area is the focus of a special meeting Monday night. Several local groups are coming together to devise real solutions to stop the rash of shootings that have claimed more than 100 lives in the area in 2010.

The message of the meeting is that people cannot become desensitized to gun violence. In the city alone, 133 people have been killed by gun violence this year, and hundreds more have been injured.

Better Family Life, radio station Foxy 95.5 and the St. Louis Coalition Against Gun Violence are partnering together to find internal solutions to the problem.

The heart of it, they say, is in families and neighborhoods.

Instead of calling for more police and asking the mayor what to do, they want to see a change start on the street with the people who are turning to pistols to solve problems.

The meeting takes place Monday evening at the Metropolitan Education and Training Center at 6347 Plymouth Avenue in Wellston.

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