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Homemade Ornaments

Sock Snowman

Children's White Sock
Permanent Markers
Stuffing Material
Small Rubber Bands

- Stuff bottom of sock to form a small ball and tie off with rubber band
- Stuff second ball and make a little smaller than bottom.  Tie off with rubber band
- Stuff last ball and tie off.
- Fold down the remaining sock to form hat
- Glue Pompom to top for hat
- Wrap ribbon around bottom of top ball to form scarf
- Using markers draw snowman face and buttons

Box Tree

Small Empty Box
Paper towel Tube
Green & Yellow Construction
Sequence, Buttons or Stickers

- Cut the corner off a box.  Make a small hold in the top corner.
- Trim paper tube down to make tree trunk and staple to inside
- Using Glue cover with green construction paper
- Using yarn, make a loop and put both ends in small hole on top and then knot.  This is the hanger.
- Decorate with sequence, buttons, stickers or markers.
- Make a star with yellow paper and glue to top corner

Spoon Angel

Plastic Spoon (white)
Colored Paper
Permanent Markers
Coffee Filter

- Draw a face on the spoon using permanent markers. 
- Take a piece of paper that is 2x the length of the spoon handle and fold in half.  The fold should be on top.  Cut down in a triangle shape with a flat top.
- Cut a small hole to slip the spoon in and then tape the spoon on the inside of paper. This is the angel dress
- Make hair from either paper or yarn and glue to top of spoon
- Wings: Cut a coffee filter in half and pinch down in the middle and tape.  Then tape to the back of the angel.
- Using yard tie a loop and tape to the back of angel above wings.  This will be the hanger.
- Decorate the front of the angels dress with markers, stickers or glue and glitter.


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