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Did Rockwood School District drop the ball or roll with the punches?

(KMOV)-- Some buses in the Rockwood School district wouldn't cooperate first thing on this frigid morning so those buses ran late.


Rockwood sent out an alert to parents this morning about the delays.  We got an email from one parent who was more than a little ticked off.  Here's the email:


"Rockwood School District sends out phone messages at 7:20 AM on Dec 13th advising that buses will run late due to extreme temperatures when children arrive at bus stops at 6:55 AM for a 7:00 AM bus? Come on get your act together! These freezing temperatures were no surprise!


Wake up Superintendent! - Pacific, Northwest and all the other local schools closed last night.


Don't put our children at risk!"


I went in search of kids stuck in the frigid temperatures at a bus stop.  Not an easy thing to find in such a large district and not knowing where the bus stops are.


But we lucked out.  We found a couple of kids at a bus stop.  They had only been there a couple of minutes.  One told me his bus should arrive any minute.  It did.


His mom was in the doorway of their home across the street.  She didn't seem to be the least bit upset about the potential for a late bus.


She told me if it hadn't gotten there when it did, she would have just taken her son to school.  She was glad Rockwood didn't cancel classes just because some buses didn't start right away.


This time of year is when I would hate to be a school system administrator.  No matter what decision they make, it's going to be criticized by someone as the wrong decision.

And it's only just beginning.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at MSchnyder@kmov.com.

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