Keeping warm on coldest morning -

Keeping warm on coldest morning

I came to work bundled up like I hadn't been bundled up in some time.  Even bought some new thermal socks over the weekend.  I knew I'd be out in the single-digit temperatures with negative wind chills (just got a chill thinking about it).

I'm assigned to go to any side street to show what the conditions are like.  Those secondary roads aren't treated so we knew they'd be covered in ice (I knew that as I headed out at 3:10am). 

When my colleauge and I got to a good spot to do our live report, the generator on our live truck wouldn't start which meant no live on-camera report and no standing out in the deep freeze.

Sometimes Plan B turns out better than Plan A.  Instead of standing on the side of a road showing how slippery it is, we used our smartphone U-stream technology.  We ended up driving around to several neighborhood and showed live pictures on Awake with News Four of what it's actually like to drive on these streets at that particular moment.

My colleagues told me they thought it was effective even though it wasn't what we set out to do.  Hey, good television AND staying warm... that's my kind of Monday morning.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at

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