Man charged after Belleville car fires -

Man charged after Belleville car fires

(KMOV)-- Charges have been filed against a suspect for his involvement in Saturday’s string of car fires and burglaries in Belleville and St. Clair County.
Zachary Wasserzieher, 20, has been charged with five counts of arson, three counts of attempted arson, and two counts of criminal damage, all of which are felonies.
Authorities responded to several reports of fires and burglaries in three area neighborhoods.
Heat from fires set to an SUV and van in the driveway of one home was so intense that it damaged the garage’s vinyl siding.
Police say the cars that were entered are believed to have been unlocked.
Firefighters report the fires were all set around 5 a.m.
Bail has been set for Wasserzieher at $500,000.
He is being held at the St. Clair County Jail.
A second suspect was released without charges.


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