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Teen recovers from brutal beating, mother expresses frustration with charges

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – A teenage girl is recovering from a vicious attack, and now her family is dealing with the decision that will allowed her 15-year-old classmate to be tried as a juvenile.

The victim’s mother, Cusandra Jones, says that if the boy was dangerous enough to stay locked up, then he should face the maximum punishment.

Police say they found Jones’ daughter, Paige, in a ditch across from Hazelwood Central High School. Her pants had been cut open, and she was badly beaten.

Jones says her daughter’s teenage attacker should be tried as an adult for an adult crime.


“If a young man at the age of 15 could beat someone so brutally, just imagine a few years from now what he's capable of doing. It's unbelievable,” says Jones.

Jones says prosecutors tell her that the teen attacker faces up to 18 months in juvenile detention if convicted.

They say he does not have a criminal history, and that may be a reason the teen is not being tried as an adult. But since juvenile court proceedings are confidential, the details are unclear.


“They left Paige for dead -- literally -- so the next time, will we see this same guy because he has murdered someone just out of an emotion, an act of rage? It's just not acceptable, and it's just not fair,” says Jones.

The case is expected to be tried just weeks before the accused assailants 16th birthday.



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